Women. Water. Wisdom.

Women. Water. Wisdom.

Supporting Earth and its people with women’s wisdom. 

Today, we look at women who are leading the way at Standing Rock
to protect the waters of North Dakota.

In honoring the integral health and respect of Earth and People, they’re bringing forth a global indigenous spiritual and ecological movement. 

To protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline through their land and water supply – a group of Lakota Sioux women from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, including La Donna Bravebull Allard, established the Sacred Stones Camp by the Cannonball River in North Dakota (in April).  It’s now November… 

Water is healing.
Through the PROTECTION of our water, we can find a way
to bring HEALING to the earth and to people.

Spiritual feminine leadership is bringing light to the way.  

Mni Wiconi – Water is Life! 

The crude oil pipeline is being built through sacred lands, burial grounds,and medicine harvesting sites, and is a continuation of the abuse of human rights, treaties, and nature.

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Want to ACT in support of the Water Protectors? 

Read: Linking with Those at Standing Rock
“I stand with the water protectors because I oppose a $3.7 billion project that supports a corporation at the expense of human beings. I stand with them as a white American who is interwoven in a system that exploits Natives for my gain – and I want that exploitation to stop.”


I stand in solidarity with the water protectors as a woman.

I don’t know most of the women water protectors. They are just images on Facebook, people I’ll never meet. Yet my Native friend and water protector, Sara, claims I know them all indirectly. “We’re all linked,” she assured me, “through the tragedy and triumph of womanhood.”

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Mni Wiconi – Water is Life! 

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