Why Meditate?

Singer-Songwriter Jewel shares two simple mindful bre
athing techniques
for learning to observe your thoughts.

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Jewel began a mindfulness practice when she was just a kid,
long before she’d heard the word “mindful.”

Self-taught meditations and visualizations, journaling, and the practice of observing her thoughts and choosing healthier ones, were survival tools she used to navigate a chaotic family life and then, later, the anxiety-filled teenage years living on her own.

She still uses them today. You can, too! 
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Meditation is for everyone. 

Starting a meditation practice can be intimidating. And it’s understandable; the idea of “becoming a meditator” can seem like a big undertaking, requiring years of practice to master. That’s too bad, because at the end of the day meditation isn’t something to master. It’s a practice.

It doesn’t matter if you do it  for five minutes or 50. 

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You can’t be bad at it because it’s all bonus credit to begin with.

9 Real People On What Meditation Means To Them 

Hear from nine real people—who meditate anywhere from once a day to once a week—what meditation means to them: 

1. If I don’t meditate in the morning, I just feel “off.”

“I feel significantly more grounded, happier, and able to go with the flow..” —Elizabeth

2. Meditation helps remind me that everything is temporary.

“I have to decide to do it, and this decision alone gets me more present. I am reminded that everything I think and feel is fleeting; my thoughts and feelings are like clouds of smoke constantly wafting from the flame that is my mind, disappearing into the corners of and intermingling with my reality. This brings me peace.” —Sonya

3. I use mindfulness to help manage my OCD.

“I maintain a level head because I know that I can always rely on those sacred few minutes each day when I can zone out and reclaim control over my thoughts.” —Micheal

4. It’s a calming influence in my life.

“I feel that it brings awareness and self-awareness into my life. It’s a calming influence in my life.” —Sam


5. It teaches me that it’s OK to be bored sometimes.

“It’s good to realize that our brains are just fine without the constant stream of distractions offered by the modern world.” —Harvey

6. Meditation gives me what Western medicine can’t.

“It brings me a sense of calm and safety. It serves as a reminder that I don’t need to panic in any situation.” —Riley

7. It’s as simple as putting my book away and tuning out.

“For me, the idea of meditation is taking time to be introspective and to reflect on my thoughts without distraction, and so long as I have time to do that on a daily basis, I feel much more grounded.” —Maher

8. Meditation allows me to live my life to the fullest.

“I think more clearly. It makes me feel balanced.” —Cameron

9. I meditate before a lacrosse game or big bike ride.

“It gives me a chance to just clear my head, slow down, and not worry about what’s coming for the day.” —George


You can read more about benefits of meditation here:  

7 Meditation Mantras for Youth: Sit Still, Move Mountains


~ Dan Siegelaward-winning author, educator,  child psychiatrist
who studies the teenage brain and works to help understand adolescence and all its mysteries.

BONUS:  A Resource for Happiness! 

Jewel’s digital platform, JewelNeverBroken.com, shares easy-to-learn practices, like Counting Breath and Box Breathing meditations, to help you find calm, to build emotional fitness, and to create happiness in your life.

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Are You Mindful?

We all have the innate ability to be present, composed, and to pause before we overreact to the challenges of our busy lives—and that’s the ground of mindfulness. With some guidance and training, mindfulness can develop into a way of living that brings greater focus and effectiveness as well as kindness and caring into everything we do.

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