What Malala’s up to…

What Malala’s up to…

girl power trip


Malala’s journey took her to the places where girls are struggling the most to go to school: 

Four continents. Six months. 130 million girls.



Everywhere she went, she heard directly from girls about the problems they face. 





She held more than a dozen meetings with presidents and prime ministers,
urging them to fund girls’ education. 



4GGL thanks Bhumika Regmi for this story! 


Bhumika Regmi is passionate about women and girls’ empowerment and International Affairs.


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Growing up, I followed my father wherever his work took him and we made a home in several countries: India, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea, to name a few. I learned early on that whether in poverty, a refugee crisis or a natural disaster, women and girls are most vulnerable — and that’s why we need to do even more to ensure they aren’t held back. 

To me, this day is incredibly important. Today, we have that opportunity! The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation agreed to match every donation made to Malala Fund through our Facebook page — up to $125,000. That means your gift will have double the impact for girls around the world.

Advocates around the world — just like you and me — must come together to support every girl’s right to learn and lead. 
Will you join me and make a matched donation to the Malala Fund Facebook page for girls’ education?

Thank you,
Bhumika Regmi
Malala Fund

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