Get Your Message Heard

Get Your Message Heard

Are you ready to win GLOBAL PROMOTION
of your vision + $1,500 US dollars?

Do you have a strong vision for change, but need support to make it come alive? With Voices of Our Future, you will learn digital tools to help you share your vision, mobilize others around it, amplify your vision to the world, and gain the confidence to be an inspired leader!
The training is 8 weeks long and begins February 2016.


If yes, then learn how you can use digital tools to increase your knowledge, build movements online, and gain confidence to be an inspired leader! You could even be one of three participants to win official promotion of a campaign of your design on World Pulse and $1,500 USD to advance your work.

World Pulse is looking for leaders of all types: quiet leaders, outspoken leaders, those who are taking charge, and those who are placing others in front.

World Pulse’s signature Voices of Our Future Training for women kicks off on 22 February 2016. During this 2-month advanced training program, you will hone your vision for change and your expertise in digital communications. You’ll do this together with other change leaders from across the world, and you’ll receive support and guidance from a mentor and World Pulse staff.  

You’ll also create new opportunities for yourself, including learning how to: 

  • Get your writing published on World Pulse;
  • Get people excited about your vision;
  • Inspire people to join your cause, obtain funding, and expand your organization;
  • Create improved digital access for others;
  • Possibly have a digital campaign created by you be globally supported and promoted on World Pulse!

Graduates of Voices of Our Future have gone on to other opportunities such as  new jobs, speaking appearances, starting  organizations, and facilitating engagement online as World Pulse Community Champions.

4GGL thanks World Pulse for this story! 

world pulse

World Pulse increases the global voice and leadership of women worldwide using the power of digital communication.

PHOTO: Here, Congolese activist and World Pulse member Neema Namadamu teaches women leaders how to use the Internet to speak out and change the future of their country. 


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