Use Your Gift

“The key piece of advice I have for individuals is to GET THE FACTS.  We don’t know that we don’t know. Ultimately, it’s about being a model for others. Embody these things and live a sustainable life ourselves. That is when we truly change people, through our own behavior shifts. We are a part of nature. If we are going to save nature, we have to save ourselves.” – Prince Ea 

4GGL thanks Prince Ea and Neste for this video! 


“I’m so happy to be working as a Futurologist with Neste. If you have a dream, idea, or invention that can make the world a better place, go to Pre-order the Future. Together we can bring that idea to life and turn it into a reality.” 

“Special Thanks to the visionary director Taito Kawata, Cocoa and the amazing team at Neste that worked so hard (in the cold) to make this video a piece that I’m truly proud of. I couldn’t have done it without you and I cannot thank you enough!”

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