Beautiful You

Beautiful You

7 Reasons Why Your Uniqueness Is Beautiful 

Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that makes you truly beautiful? 

How crazy and beautiful it is to truly realize that there are billions of us walking this planet right now, and yet not one of us is exactly the same.


1. You are a piece of art.
2. You are the only you there is.
3. The best things come from within.
4. Your perspective is like no other.
5. You are a source of inspiration.
6. You bring out the best in people.
7. You are the key to unlocking your truest potential.
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What makes YOU uniquely beautiful? Please tell us in the comments![symple_spacing size=”30″]
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4GGL thanks Free People for sharing this story. 

 free people

Free People…. Building 25 is where the magic of Free People happens. In the Navy Yard on the edge of Philadelphia a cluster of renovated warehouses sit alongside the Delaware River, and in one of them a group of young, fashionable, creative people – mostly women – delve into the details of living the life of the Free People girl. We sort through fabric swatches, take photos, share ideas, video, art, food and culture, and travel the world in search of inspiration to create fashion that reflects our creative, independent, impressively-bold and free-spirited FP girl.

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