My name is Mercy Carrillo, I am 18 years old.
It’s taken me up to my junior year to believe that I am beautiful and to


Confidence is not something we’re born with, it’s something you learn.

I want to teach self-love, and I want girls
to understand that they are beautiful.

Confidence has many different faces and meanings.

Erin and Mercy

Mercy and Erin Jones, Seattle WA 

Confidence doesn’t have limits, and neither does my dream of teaching self-love to every girl, woman, or people who identify as female.

“I’ve started up a social media, female confidence movement called The Princess Challenge.”

I created The Princess Challenge, as a junior year project on YouTube and here’s what it’s about:

Girls everywhere don’t think that they’re good enough, they can’t do the thing that takes them out of their comfort zone, they don’t feel pretty or the pretty that society tells them they should be.

The Princess Challenge is a movement to get girls from any background, race, or style to show that they are confident or are learning to be.


Hashtag to #ThePrincessChallenge & tell me WHY you feel confident in your picture.

You are all princesses!

I hope girls from other states and countries see this, the whole point is for a girl to take a picture/video or have a picture taken of her when she is feeling most confident. Let that be when she’s poured her heart into a piece of artwork, when she cosplays, when she’s on the field or court, when she’s dressed up or dressed in sweats – however she feels most confident!

Take a picture and tag it with #ThePrincessChallenge and it’s posted on The Princess Challenge Instagram or Twitter page.  I plan to expand the social media when the movement expands too.

4GGL thanks The Princess Challenge for this story! 


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