Soccer Stories of Success

A story about how soccer can improve girls’ lives.

There is a movement developing around the world to empower girls and women through sports. It can be the difference between a girl getting married, dropping out of school and seeing her opportunities for a more prosperous life disappear.



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“I was never allowed to step out alone,” said one player. “My family started to change their thoughts when I was selected to go abroad to play soccer. Playing soccer is the best decision I ever made.

Women Win believes that adolescent girls and young women are powerful agents of change. 

When a girl is empowered and given a chance, she will grow into a strong leader. They are using sport to address early marriage by building girls’ leadership, teaching them about their rights and working with their communities to change harmful traditional practices.

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“My life was destroyed before. But now I know how to fight for myself,” said workshop participant Jessica. “Now I am a woman that knows her worth, who knows being hit by a man is wrong.”

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At the Street Child World Cup in South Africa, see how Plan’s Because I am a Girl soccer projects are helping girls to break free from abuse, neglect and poverty.

Plan workshops have been helping girl players to tackle violence, identify problems and find solutions.

See them in the Street Child World Cup 2014

4GGL thanks Women Win Because I Am a Girl for bringing these stories to our attention.

Women Win seeks to advance the cause of sport as a powerful strategy
to address gender inequity and empower adolescent girls and young women.

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Because I am a Girl plans and sponsors projects that create better lives for girls, young women, and their communities around the world.

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