Showing Up

In this powerful talk that stirs your emotions, social entrepreneur Anusha Bharadwaj takes you through her journey of showing up for hundreds of adolescent girls.


She talks about how these young change makers, through the power of sisterhood,
are now becoming instrumental in further empowering other girls.

She believes that:

an adolescent girl has the unique power to break harmful cycles of economic and social inequality, and that she has the POWER IN HER VOICE to overcome patriarchy and gender bias.

baby girl

International Women’s Day is not a celebration, but a crusade.

VOICE 4 Girls’ campaign for this women’s day is #NoHushHush – urging people around the world to break ‘the hush hush’ over key issues – gender-based violence, periods, sex and much more! Let’s bring them out in open, let’s talk about, let there be no more hush hush. Share your stories by using #NoHushHush. 


“My father showed up for me. He believed that I could show up for others.” 

love myself

“I realized: I am going to LOVE myself. To be proud of who I am and that I am enough.” 

life skills

“6,600 girls have gone on to become peer leaders and widen the circle of empowerment.”


“We are in critical times. We need a generation of BOYS who are standing up for gender equality.” 


“I want to raise a feminist son.” 


4ggl thanks Voice 4 Girls for this story! 


We enable marginalized adolescent girls to take charge of their future
by imparting critical knowledge, and life skills through 
activity-based camps.


Asia Pacific Leadership Fellow, Anusha Bharadwaj believes in the power of girls to transform communities and nations!

Holding an MBA from IRMA & carrying more than 15 years of experience in the development sector, she is currently the Executive Director of VOICE 4 Girls, a social enterprise that educates and empowers marginalized adolescent girls with the vision to eliminate gender inequality and violence. She is the Founder Director of ‘SoCh for Social Change’ and has also been selected into the Harvard-Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program.

Learn more about SoCh, here > 


SoCh is on a mission to develop the talent of future social impact leaders. Our vision is to engender a generation of well informed, action-oriented and gender-sensitive social change leaders capable of solving developmental challenges through sustainable, participatory and innovative solutions.

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