Self Dare #5: Love Yourself

4GGL believes the first step toward empowerment is learning to Love YOU.



These Self Love tips will help inspire you this summer.

Check out these free powerful rituals to help you ground yourself, listen to your inner wisdom, find your innate beauty, become more wholly YOU, and learn to love your true self.

21 dayDuring the 21-day Rituals for Living Peace movement, you’ll receive daily emails
with activities to help you become your most vibrant, centered, and peaceful self!

These transformative and nourishing assignments will take you
less than 20 minutes a day and they’re fun to do!

From guided meditations to healthy recipes, from outdoor adventures to a luxurious bath-time,
everyone will find new rituals that immediately enhance their life.  




4GGL thanks The Dragontree Spa for their free offer.

Committed to your happiness and health and knowing that simple habits can make a huge difference, The Dragontree offers Rituals For Living Peace Movement  for FREE for you to become your most vibrant, centered and peaceful self.

We also thank India Arie for her inspirational song!

india soul

Please learn more about India.Arie in Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions, here > 

In her moving SuperSoul Session, India.Arie beautifully describes her journey from breakdown to breakthrough. “Songversation is not a concert,” she explains. “It’s not a lecture. It’s not a performance, even. Songversation is a practice that is part meditation, part prayer, part fellowship and part action.” 

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