Self-Dare #7:  Sleep

Self-Dare #7: Sleep

Please use and ENJOY this SLEEP MEDITATION provided by Dragontree!  



More than a third of teenagers report that stress interferes with their ability to fall asleep, and teenagers who sleep less than eight hours per weeknight report higher levels of stress than those who sleep at least eight hours.

The negative consequences of stress and insufficient sleep are cyclical; compared to teens reporting lower stress levels, more of those reporting higher stress levels say that not getting enough sleep causes them to feel even more stressed.

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“5 Ways to Tune into your Body”
by Melani Schweder and A Brighter Wild

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Also, thanks to Rachel Simmons’ blog for info about GIRLS and SLEEP >

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A good night’s sleep is often the key to solving problems.
Sleep deprivation makes it harder to cope with emotions, and diminishes coping. Without enough rest or regular re-charging, things can quickly seem overwhelming. It’s easy to overreact to small, everyday annoyances as if they were huge ordeals. Here’s a suggestion from Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler is the author of Stressed Out Girls: Helping Them Thrive in the Age of Pressure.

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