Self Dare #11: Create Space

Self Dare #11: Create Space

What are you missing TODAY to become BALANCED? 

Make time to create SPACE around you and just ALLOW your SELF to BE.


Briana Borten asks:  “Are you taking space – making space – to really rejuvenate,
or are you just taking time for surface level escapism?”

3 Steps to take to Create Space for Grace: 

1. Disconnect from Facebook, TV, social media, computers  

Find out more about how to do this here: 


2. Check Into What You Know 

Learn how to do this by clicking here:  You have POWER within you…  


Sera Beak recommends a practice she calls “checking in”—simply taking a few moments in private to go within to reconnect with and listen to your soul.

“The only place for me to get reconnected is back within,” explains Sera.
“That means inviting my soul more into my consciousness, my body, my awareness…”.

3. Expand Your Heart 

Connect to your Intuition and Expand your Heart to allow Creativity to flow… 


“Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart
and say hello to your beautiful, shining soul.  

That’s who you really are.  Really.”
Susan Cadley 

“My anchored intention is to connect and expand…” 


“The more I choose to listen to my heart,
the more it guides me in the direction of my purpose.”

Tara Stiles

“I’ve been feeling my heart a lot lately,” says Tara Stiles. “At the beginning of every Strala class we plug our thumbs into our heart beat and feel our heart pumping for us. A gentle reminder that we are alive, expansive, and present. Nothing needs to be said about it. All the Guides do this a little different, suited to who they are, and it always feels just right. It’s a reminder to remember we are alive. Profound, powerful, freeing, energetic and expansive. Set up to create.”


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4GGL thanks The Dragontree for this video! 



4GGL thanks Tara Stiles + Strala Yoga for this cover image:


“In class we experience the movements and enjoy the effect of ease,” explains Tara Stiles. “Now with Strala Yoga, the book, I am so pleased to deliver to you the philosophy, process, and ingredients that I’ve dedicated my life to refining for you. This is a huge moment for me because I know I have a great tool to help you:

 “Get to the roots of tension, blocks, and stress
so you can begin the process to drop any rigidity in your practice and life
and get reconnected to your radically awesome self.”


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