Self Dare #1: Celebrate YOU

The Full Moon and Solstice are Monday June 20.

Once every 30+ years, the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) and Full Moon fall on the same day. This is a rare and powerful event and should be well honored. 

Take advantage of this powerful energy and
celebrate something in your life that you have accomplished.


It could be a completion, a decision, a project, a commitment,
a new beginning or the achievement of some goal.

Make sure to stay focused on the positive, on the doors that are opening,
instead of dwelling on any fear, resistance, judgment or negativity.

What you put your energy and focus on will grow in this fertile time so make sure it is what you want. Allow yourself to be supported by your community and your friends and be willing to receive all the positive energy that is available to you at this time.

maya mission

 The Solstice is always a good time to honor the Sun
and the life giving energy it makes available to us on this planet.

girl in flower field

Any ceremony honoring the sun or the spirit of fire is appropriate.

Release something you are leaving behind…


Welcome something in that is new, fertile and rich with possibilities.

Happy Solstice!

4GGL thanks The Power Path for this story. 

stonehenge solstice

The Power Path School of Shamanism, founded by Jose & Lena Stevens, authors of “Secrets of Shamanism” & “The Power Path,” offers an extensive experiential curriculum based on many years of study with indigenous Shamans around the world. You can join their Email List to stay up to date with forecasts and moon updates. 

MUSIC BY: Moumoon


Moumoon  is a Japanese group formed by YUKA and Masaki. Moumoon is a made-up term with a French word “mou (soft)” and “moon”: soft moon. They’ve self-produced and arranged almost all of their songs. Both grew up with classical music with Masaki playing piano and YUKA playing violin. Their musical style covers pop, alternative rock, electronica, folk and indie rock. YUKA’s lyrics and vocal add scenery and a story line to Masaki’s sensitive and dynamic melodies, painting every song the “moumoon color” which is like phases of the moon. They hold unique live shows called “FULLMOON LIVE” every full moon night.

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