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Sometimes our family, school, relationship or work stuff makes us feel lonely, sad, angry, depressed,  disappointed,  jealous, scared,  stressed , or just tired…   This life STUFF can stop us from feeling good about ourselves. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we don’t make the best choices for ourselves.  

Girls PACT understands this and creates a world for young women ages 15-24 to “Rock Ur Stuff”!   They shared their art with International Women’s Day website, and now we’re sharing it with you – and asking that you focus for a moment on how you use your creativity to share yourself and work through your STUFF. 

What’s your statement?

How do you perceive and communicate? 

stuff videoWatch the #RockYourStuff video here >

Take a look at other women’s art… 

Around the world, the art of women inspires thought and provokes action. Check out the impressive creativity of women globally on the International Women’s Day Art Page > 

womens artwork

4GGL thanks  Girls’ Pact and IWD 2016 for this story! 

international womens day

girls pact


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