Rising Women, Rising World

Rising Women Rising World is a growing, vibrant community
of women on all continents who take responsibility
for building a world that works for ALL.


WHY Rising Women Rising World EXISTS:

We are a transformational organization and movement that exists to inspire women
AND men to pioneer new possibilities, rise to their full capacities,
and build a world that works for all.

This work is sourced from deep feminine wisdom and values:

Members are at the forefront of collaboratively co-creating a vision of how the world could be in 2030, and proposing strategies to realize this, based on successful existing initiatives worldwide and unforeseen emergent possibilities.

“As Rising Women, we come together to pioneer a possible future. Our global network, consciousness practices, deep feminine principles, and strategic alliances and approaches help bring this work to fruition.”

feminine wisdom

What are feminine values? 

The Deep Feminine Truth:  We possess in abundance the capacities of compassion, creativity, courage and sufficient consciousness to create a civilization where all beings feel a sense of belonging and can fulfill their individual and collective purpose and potential, in harmony with the earth.

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1. Ubuntu – Reverence for all Life

2. Compassion

3. Wisdom

4. Justice and sacred courage

5. Beauty and creativity

6. A voice for the Earth

7. New ways of being

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helen keller

[symple_spacing size=”30″]We are at a point in time like no other. A time when our voice can be heard, we can consciously choose which direction to turn,
which path to take, and how we will interact with the world.

  • This curriculum is designed to support, train, and sustain women and men to balance the deep feminine qualities – that have been marginalized for centuries – with the masculine.
  • Developing new ways of being and doing – with clarity, courage, compassion, collaboration, artistry, and resilience – is necessary to take responsibility for the greatest human project of our time.

4GGL thanks Rising Women for their work. 


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