Reviving Sisterhood

Reviving Sisterhood

Sisterhood is a movement of kindness.

Women are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other, and to be a sacred community. These special moments lift the spirit and melt the heart. And science has shown that sisterhood also has wonderful benefits for women’s health.


In the old spiritual traditions women were the keepers of the ancient wisdom. They maintained harmony and balance in the natural world and their communities. Due to their emotional openness and connection to their instinctual nature, their vision and ability to tap into higher wisdom was revered and used for the advantage of the whole community. 


Women are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other, and to be a sacred community.

Women’s bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation. And in many traditions, women were the personification of the Goddess on earth, channels who could bridge the worlds with sacred rituals.

In the Native American Tradition and many others, the onset of menstruation in a young girl was celebrated with a ceremony of huge significance that welcomed her into womanhood.

These rites of passage were a major event and  to celebrate a young girl becoming a woman, or when a woman entered motherhood, as well as the passage of a woman into her crone wisdom at menopause, were shared with their sisters.  Read more >

red tent

The Red Tent provided a place for women to recalibrate, incubate, dream,
slow down and reconnect, during their moon time.

Women also gathered in circles on the Full and New Moon for ceremony and rituals to heal and support one another. Many feminine traditions included the honouring of the earth and the Goddess. In Europe before Biblical times and the suppression of women, these traditions celebrated fertility and the power of the Divine Feminine.  Read more >

multicultural circle

The circle of life and the circle of sisters represents the innate value of each being.

In the temples of India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumeria, and ancient Europe, women were taught to develop their powers of perception, intuition, and how to refine the powerful energy of emotion. They learnt how to awaken nurture and enhance their feminine gifts.

Today, women are reclaiming their spiritual power and innate wisdom,
creating community and taking up leadership.

So what is sisterhood?

Sisterhood is not an exclusive group, or an anti-men symposium. It is a way of being.

Sisterhood is a celebration of all that is gloriously and potently feminine.
It is foremost a choice to be alive and luscious in your female mystery, and it is a path of the heart.

 ~ Azriel ReShel

There is sisterhood between friends, between a mother and a daughter, a grandmother and her grandchild, a teacher and her student. Sisterhood is a movement of kindness. It encompasses all women, no matter what their shape, nationality or beliefs. It is an energy that encompasses men too and is healing for the planet.  Read more >

Multi generation female family members gathered in a garden

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The above story is an excerpt from an UPLIFT article written by Azriel ReShel, Reviving the Ancient Sisterhood.


Azriel Re’shel is a Writer, Editor and Yoga Teacher. 

Cover image from The Galilee Healing Sisterhood



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