“They’re adorable. They’re talented. And there for each other. ”
– 4GGL Magazine

 early girls

Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr and Bella Kenworthy,
a.k.a. the Pink Helmet Possehave been skating together since 2013. 

“They’re incredible. I’ve seen a handful of teenage girls in the park, but never girls this young. They’re the real deal.” says Jamie Owens, editor of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. From the start, these girls got the attention of the industry and now they are the faces behind the Gap’s latest line of clothes for GIRLS, in collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres’ brand that encourages young girls to be vocal and celebrate individual strength

 Reiz Murphy

Check out this video from Grind TV to see these girls in action >

As you saw in our Sidewalk Surfer story, it hasn’t always been the norm for girls to skate. But for these three girls, skating TOGETHER has always been their strength. We applaud the Pink Helmet Posse for doing even more than breaking barriers, they’re helping teach and encourage other girls to discover and excel at skateboarding.

Visit their website for tutorials and see that
skateboarding is not just for boys.

How’d they get their start?

Bella’s father, Jason Kenworthy, is a professional action sports photographer. Sierra’s father is Josh Kerr – the 11th-ranked surfer in the world. Having worked together for years, they decided to teach their daughters how to ride boards. Relz Murphy got her skateboarding start after parents Gary and Rebecca decided to put all their children in skating lessons, according to the Daily Mail.

“She’s dropping into 11-foot bowls. There are grown men
who’ve been skating for years who won’t do that.’
 Josh Kerr, Sierra’s Dad 

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GapKids’ latest campaign GIRL with Ellen DeGeneres features modern girls who are reaching their dreams and igniting change. Gap’s campaign encourages girls to be exactly who they are.

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 4GGL thanks the Daily Mail and Girl is not a 4 Letter Word for this inspiring story! 

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The Pink Helmet Posse is a movement of young girls who love to skateboard. Their goal is to inspire other girls to come out and join the fun.

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