Cultivate Community

Cultivate Community

Ubuntu – I am who I am because you are who you are.

Connect with others. Cultivate community.

See how extraordinary, dedicated, and passionate girls and young women
are advocating for others and changing the world.

“In understanding the responsibilities that come with our interconnectedness, we realize that we must rely on each other to lift our World from where it is now to where we want it to be in our lifetime, while casting aside our worn out preconceptions.”

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley –  US Department of State Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Global Partnership Initiative


“In the same way that Secretary Clinton has often said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ we are now realizing that we must apply a similar approach worldwide. It takes a shared, global response to meet the shared, global challenges we face.”

This is the truth taught to us in an old South African principle, ubuntu

‘A person is a person through other persons.’

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes this perspective: 

Ubuntu ‘is not, “I think therefore I am.” It says rather:

“I am a human because I belong. I participate. I share.”’
In essence, I am because you are.

“We are truly all in this together, and we will only succeed by building mutually beneficial partnerships among civil society, the private sector, and the public sector, in order to empower the men and women executing our foreign policy to advance their work through partnerships.”

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