One, The Human Experience

It’s about interconnection…

“One” is a Telly Award winning feature documentary film by director Sue Vicory and her production company Heartland Films, Inc.

In this recently released film, 4GGL founder Jin In joined with a cast of changemakers from around the globe who are committed to the belief and driving force that all people are connected. 

As one interviewee Wayne Dunlap, world traveler stated: 

“The separateness of human experience is a learned experience. The basic, innate nature of human beings is to cooperate and love each other.  We teach our children hatred and we shouldn’t; we should be teaching them Love. Then as adults, they will go out and spread Love, not Fear.” 

Jin comments in the film: 

“There are only two forces in Life and that’s Love and Fear. You can live striving for this Love. And doing everything based on Love. But unfortunately there’s that other force, Fear, which drives much of what we do.” 

Jin’s tenacious belief in the transformative power of Love recently spurred her to write an article for the Huffington Post where she champions Love over Fear.

Read about it here

In the film, you’ll meet poets, athletes, musicians, corporate leaders, and spiritual leaders all working to make a difference in this ONE world we all share. Working to lift each other up. To inspire others. Doing good, one day at a time. One person at a time. 

You can watch the film online.  

Please do!  And send us your comments. 

What does ONE mean to YOU? 


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