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The Future is EMPOWERED Female

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– 4GGL surveyed young women facing the worse humanitarian crisis in modern time – Syrian Millennials, refugees and immigrants. Spanning nearly 20 countries across the globe, including USA, Europe and the Middle East, 3 core traits of empowerment were unveiled from this powerful group: hope and resilience, aspiration, and accountability in concert with finding help. 

– October 11: Celebrate World’s Day FOR GIRLS, Jin In will be speaking @ this Annual Peace Conference. Please join her in recognizing the POWER of GIRLS. Alliance for Peacebuilding 2017 Conference: “Peace Now More Than Ever”

– During the 2017 Caux Forum, the issue of gender equality was addressed from different angles. Jin In’s strong message was a captivating and inspiring call to action towards girls’ and women’s empowerment. The Caux Forum, through its series of events, trainings and workshops, promotes a global change through personal change.

– On August 7, 2016, Jin In spoke at the Living Peace Conference in Switzerland at Initiatives of Change (IoC’s)  Creators of Peace  25th anniversary celebration. Living Peace in Leadership panelists included: 

  • Dr Gill Hicks (Survivor of the London bombing and founder of MAD for Peace)
  • Dr Rosina Wiltshire (First CARICOM Advocate for Gender Justice, and former UN Resident Coordinator in Barbados and Eastern Caribbean)
  • Kristin Engvig (Founder and CEO of Women’s International Networking, WIN)
  • Jin In (Founder of 4Girls GLocal Leadership, 4GGL) discussing what it means to live peace in leadership.

Living Peace

– On June 21st Jin In, GWLN graduate, spoke at Former US President Jimmy Carter’s Peace Forum:  A Time for Peace: Rejecting Violence to Secure Human Rights. Jin’s topic was “Unlearning Violence: Re-educating Society for Peace and Human Rights.” 

– SURVEY RESULTS:  Voice & Choice: What Young Women Want  from the first-ever  Global Women’s Empowerment Survey targeted at Millennials.  4GGL’s preliminary report showcases and shares our findings, straight from the voices of adolescent girls and young women.

– March 2016:  Check out 4GGL Founder and Peacemaker Jin In’s informative Huffington Post article: What Is Women’s Empowerment?

– Tune in to an exclusive interview with Jin In and Meredith Smith on how girls’ empowerment is connected to peace and conflict today. Conversations from the Leading Edge is brought to you by Columbia University’s AC4 Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity.

– Are there more males or females in our world today? Find out in 4GGL Founder and Peacemaker Jin In’s Huffington Post article:
Our Most Powerful Force: Empowered Girls Transforming Our Planet.


– Jin was recently interviewed by Georgetown University about why she founded 4GGL, what our mission is, and why her strategy is to ignite an army of empowered future leaders in peace building. Read more here >

– Filmmaker Sue Vicory recently released her latest documentary, “ONE, The Human Experience,” in which our founder Jin In is interviewed.  More here >