Just the Facts, Mom

Just the Facts, Mom

spend on house work and childcare?

In 2011, on average every week: 

32 hours! 

Annual salary you would have to pay someone in 2015
to perform the tasks mothers do at home: $62,985

call you mom

People who say they plan to
call their mom on Mother’s Day:

moms day


doing enough


Private sector workers in U.S. with NO access to paid family leave:


Private sector workers in U.S.  with NO access to paid sick days: 39%

Average annual cost of infant care in  U.S.: $11,020

ANNUAL SALARY on federal minimum wage: $15,080

  • Federal minimum wage ($7.25) is a poverty wage for a single mother: in 50 states!
  • # of states that have passed a $15 minimum wage as of May 2016:  2
  • # of states where $15 is a living wage for a single mother:  0  { that’s a big, fat ZERO! }
  • How long since Congress last raised the federal minimum wage:  7 years! 
  • Base salary for all members of the U.S. House and Senate: $174,000

What’s the Minimum Wage in Your State?


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