Millennial Women: It’s Empowerment Time

Millennial Women: It’s Empowerment Time

It’s 2017, the TIME to Empower World’s Girls

by Jin In, 4GGL Founder

I begin all my talks with a simple question:

“Are there more males or females in the world?”

No audience has ever answered correctly. There are in fact more males. Yes, MALES… and the gender gap is growing. When I first brought this alarming fact to attention, there were 62 million more males than females on the planet. Today, 66 million males – or nearly the population of France – do not have female counterparts.


55 years ago was the last time our planet was gender balanced.
This interactive map shows the decline of females since 1961.

So what is the result – when there are so many males without females?

  1. For one, human trafficking – or modern day slavery – is the fastest growing crime and a lucrative business generating $150 billion in annual profit. (That’s 3x Apple’s revenue, the world’s most profitable company!) Using technology and social media, ISIS pimps a girl for $8000 , then strategically use contraception so they can sell and rape her, over and over again.
  2. Another global crisis is violence. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, the world is becoming more violent. Terrorism is at the highest level with terrorism-related deaths increased by 286% over the last eight years. Battle deaths are also the highest in the last 25 years.

What if there’s a better way – a more cost-effective, sustainable,
and empowering solution – to ending these growing problems?

jins-hp-blogPhoto: Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

This is about MORE than numbers. It’s about balancing the power.

“It’s time to EMPOWER
 to RESTORE the inherent POWER of girls and women,
which has been denied for generations.”
– Jin In, Founder 4GGL

Why are millennial women a unique and powerful group to empower?

Millennial women are not blaming, finger-pointing, or even asking for aid from others. Rather, they realize they are accountable for taking action for the change they wish to see in their world. When asked, “Who do you think contributes most to change in your life?” 96% replied THEY THEMSELVES contribute the most.

But they need our help. When asked how easily they can make changes in their lives, most of the young women we polled had difficulties. Those who said they can make changes had support systems, helping them to find their voice and to take action.

Remarkably, it doesn’t take much to help young women light their world. Even in truly dark Syria, where the worst migration and humanitarian crisis in modern times is impacting our global world, I’m training two sisters to bring about change…


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