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“Being the first girl in the family, my Mom and Dad wanted me to be an Irish dancer. But I didn’t like it.” – Jesse Jane

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Jesse Jane McParland is from Northern Ireland and she is nine years old.

Most girls of her age would be playing games with their friends or busy with homework.

But not nine-year-old Jesse Jane McParland, who prefers playing with swords.

Despite her young age, Miss McParland is already a world champion kick boxer, with an astonishing 117 martial arts titles under her belt.

Miss McParland has been practicing martial arts since the age of three, after deciding she wasn’t interested in the more traditional pastimes her mother wanted her to try such as ballet.

[/symple_column] [symple_spacing size=”5″]Last year, Jesse Jane added sword work to her list of skills including kickboxing, kung fu and Tae Kwon Do, with which she has competed and won awards all over the world.


She trains with her coach Sensei Gary Kelly in Ireland four times a week, as well as master Jeff Scott in the UK. And Miss McParland, who is the World Association of Kick Boxing junior world champion and stars in upcoming film Martial Arts Kid, is now hopeful for an Olympic career.

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