Listen to Her

Listen to Her

Did you know this year we are predicted to spend $205 each for mothers on Mother’s Day? Sadly, a once sacred celebration of honoring one’s own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society has become a top “shopping holiday” in America—with Americans anticipated to spend nearly $22 Billion this year. 

On this particular Mother’s Day, I’d love to
inspire a different gift for our mothers

one that I
wholeheartedly believe will transform us and our world.

I’m just returning from South Korea – my birth country – where I spent invaluable time with my 95-year-old grandmother. Not only did she live through Japanese rule over Korea AND the Korean War, she raised me as a child after my father passed away and my mother boldly immigrated alone to the United States in order to create a new life for us. 

jin korean photo

My near-centenarian grandmother took me on a story journey of South Korea. It included tales of a time when the country was so poor that shockingly, it received foreign aid from North Korea.

Yes! North Korea, the most oppressive and dark country on the planet.

She also told me of a time when women were property and men had multiple wives.

The extraordinary transformation of my birth country is part of who I am today. Herstory and mine led me to create 4GGL for our world’s girls and young women. 

“My grandmother aspired to become a teacher.
She sacrificed this dream for her family and country, allowing me
to be who I am today championing all girls in the world.”

[symple_spacing size=”10″]On Mother’s Day, I’m inspiring the gift of listening to the stories of our mothers, grandmothers, and any women who helped you become who you are today.

Send us a PHOTO with a QUOTE from ‘your mother’ to
We will showcase it on our next issue of 4Girls!

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I’d also like to inspire you to give a Gift of Empowerment to our 7 Changemakers vlog project so that the next generation of women changemakers can tell their stories (suggested amount $50) and dedicate your gift to your mother as she helped to create your own story.

Most beautiful Mother’s Day to you and all “mothers!”  

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Jin In
4GGL Founder


For other Mother’s Day gifts, give through AmazonSmile 
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