Look into LIFT

Look into LIFT

A Note from Melinda

“My new book, The Moment of Lift, is about empowering women and girls to rise. For me, the title brings back childhood memories of watching the Apollo launches, the unforgettable sight of a rocket breaking the bonds of gravity and shooting into the sky.

That image captured my imagination, sparked my curiosity, and proved to me that incredible things are possible when we overcome the forces that are pulling us down. That’s why this edition of Evoke is dedicated to the concept of lift.”

4ggl thanks EVOKE for these links! 
Evoke is from Melinda Gates. It’s her spin on an ancient concept: a place for people to come together.

EVOKE highlights innovative ideas and creative solutions. To give us all a chance to experience life through the eyes of people we may never meet and hear stories we might otherwise never hear. And, above all, to start conversations, amplify new voices, and forge stronger bonds between change-makers. 
Here’s what Melinda says: “I hope it’s a gateway to where we want to go. I like to think of us as a community of possibilists—people who believe the world can get better and are committed to doing our part to improve it. More than ever before, we have the power to shape the future we want to see. We have new abilities to connect to each other and new tools and technologies to drive progress further and faster. That’s why I created this platform: to evoke that sense of possibility.”
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