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While driving down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California, native Swede, Leana Greene, had a vision.

Billboards promoting cooking shows surrounded her and she thought, “Why isn’t there a show dedicated to teaching people how to cook up a good family?” A working mother of three, Leana was passionate about self-educating through parent lectures. Her children’s schools hosted the nation’s best experts to explain the latest trends in education, cutting edge child psychology, and new research about our children’s neurological development.

Leana recognized how lucky she was to live in a metropolis that offered these symposiums.

Seeing the experts’ faces and hearing their voices helped her understand their concepts on a whole new level, and it renewed her inspiration to be the best parent she could be. Prompted by the synergy of the billboards, her experience, and recognizing the collective need for help in life’s most daunting task, Leana met with a colleague who specialized in commercial filming and asked him to help her create the ideal production studio to film experts and bring this information to parents across the globe!

The result is the groundbreaking with more than 8000 1-2 minute videos from over 450 experts.

Never before have such an esteemed list of professionals shared one platform
and delivered answers to parents’ questions one video at a time.


4GGL thanks Mothering for this story! 

Leana Greene is the founder and CEO of Kids in the House. Raised in Stockholm, Sweden and later immigrating to the United States, Greene has successfully started several businesses. 

After becoming a mother of three, Greene decided to focus on raising her family and developed a strong passion for parenting and education. She spent her time reading parenting books and attending lectures to gain as much knowledge as possible. Realizing that many parents were busy like her, Greene strove to create a comprehensive resource that was quick and easy to use.

After years of research and filming  450+ parenting experts, Greene launched Kids in the House.
With over 8,000 videos, the website is now the world’s largest parenting video library.

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