My Daughter

This video will tug at your heartstrings for 7 minutes straight.

This viral video ad focuses on a young mother and daughter
in a series of ads called “My Beautiful Woman.” 

It is from an international lingerie company in Thailand. One video focuses on a woman managing school and raising her daughter alone. The sequenced shots show the mom and daughter’s tight, loving bond through their daily life.

When a friend asks the mother to tell the truth about her daughter so people stop judging her for being a very young single mother, the surprise twist ending has viewers reaching for the tissues. Got ’em?

She found her daughter June, abandoned, just a baby crying in a piece of luggage. At 4GGL, our mission is to transform the world’s deep-seated mindset, the root cause of all girls’ suffering  – from seeing girls as human trash to 1 billion strong, our most powerful force for change. We see this video as a wonderful, personal example of how that mindset is changing with today’s generation.

We are happy to see the company has asked viewers to share a picture
of their loved one on social media using #MyBeautifulWoman.


4GGL thanks Wacoal Thailand for this video. 

You can see more of their videos here > 



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