Girls’ Stories

This Mother’s Day, 4GGL honors five exceptional girls and young women we were pleased to learn about this month. Please enjoy their stories of identity, voice, strength and intention.

Margaret Tabu is with the UN Mission in South Sudan. The above video is from International Women’s Day. Credit to Amelia Hanibelsz for The United Nations Mission In South Sudan; Animation by Dale de Silva of

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Neda is from Rwanda. She was raised in an orphanage. In this video, she shares her dreams of being a mother. She is currently in school to learn the skills to one day run her own orphanage.


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Jesse Jane McParland is from Northern Ireland and she is nine years old. Despite her young age, Miss McParland is already a world champion kick boxer, with an astonishing 117 martial arts titles under her belt. [/symple_column]


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special ops
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Caroline Cleveland and Kat Kaelin were two of 20 women recruited by the Army in 2011 to “be a part of history” on a new, low-profile, female-only Cultural Support Team that deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. Here’s their story >






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