Girl Changemakers!

This Mother’s Day, 4GGL is honoring three exceptional girls and young women we were pleased to learn about this last month. Please enjoy their stories of community, outreach, and service.

Watch the video above to find out what 9-year-old Sophia from Massachusetts wrote in a letter to President Obama that got her an invite to the annual egg hunt!  “Where are the women?”  Brilliant 9-yr-old Sophia asked President Obama: why dollar bills don’t have women’s faces on them? She got invited to the White House. We think she should be on the $20 bill.

Lots of people agree with Sophia. See who has been nominated and VOTE HERE.

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istock games

Madeline Messer is a student in the 6th grade. This spring, she wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post when she discovered that many of the video games she played on her iPhone charged extra to play as a girl character, and most games only featured a boy avatar.
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glamour girls

Vanessa Alejandro is a 22-year-old geology major at University of Houston Honors College. She is one of the winners of Glamour’s Top 10 College Women Competition. Find out how she’s turning kids into “eco-warriors” and  plans to build a community playground as an outdoor “exploratorium” for schools without lab equipment.



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