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Giving voice to those demanding a place at the table.

Access to and control over technology is critical for the future of women’s human rights.

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“A global technology revolution is taking place, and if women and girls aren’t part of it, the future for women’s human rights is bleak.”

Global Fund for Women CEO Musimbi Kanyoro


IGNITE features stories of women and girls who are leading and innovating in science, technology, engineering and math. The project also highlights the gender gap in technology and advocates for women and girls’ increased access to and control of technologies.


  1. IMAGINING THE FUTURE: video of women leading change in the technology sector who help us imagine a future where the digital gender gap is closed, and make the case for empowering women and girls in technology and science.
  2. CREATIVES GALLERY: artists, designers, and creative technologists whose work has been informed or influenced by science and technology. Artists create, shape, reflect, and define our society — their contribution is critical to any human rights movement, imagining and realizing a more gender equitable future.
  3. INFOGRAPHIC:  How does access to technology impact gender equality and lead to women’s human rights? The statistics speak for themselves in this IGNITE infographic.  



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As the UN sets global goals for the next decade and beyond, JOIN US in asking governments to end the gender gap in science and technology. 

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4GGL thanks Imagining Equality for this inspiring story.

IGNITE is a global campaign and media project from the Global Fund for Women that explores the roles of science and technology in advancing gender equality—sparking a world of innovation and equality.



Thanks to Generation Tech for this featured video! 

To learn more about the Tech Museum of Innovation.

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BONUS:  We want you to know about another group called IGNITE: 

Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution


IGNITE is a worldwide organization that EDUCATES
and EMPOWERS young girls to discover STEM fields! 

To start an IGNITE chapter in your school, CHECK their FACEBOOK PAGE or WEBSITE


IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution)  introduces girls in grades 6‐12 to technology and engineering careers via: IGNITE Panel Presentations, field trips to local companies and colleges, programming workshops, robotics workshops, job shadows and more. IGNITE is during the school day and is managed by teachers, at the school.

Girls are encouraged to take Computer Science and Engineering classes while they are in middle and high school. IGNITE partners with schools so that girls can get the support and encouragement they need to pursue these career paths. By reaching into K-12 education, we are affecting change at the right time for girls to understand their career choices before they start the next phase of their education. 

STEM careers are the fastest growing careers,
and women need equal representation.



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