I am Worthy!

I am Worthy!

Empowerment is available to those brave enough
to know their value is in living their truth.”


“In modern society, we’re led to believe we live in an action- and result-based material world: the more you work, the more you have, the more people you know, the more creditable you are. With our personal value in the exterior world, is it any wonder we often feel a vague vacancy?” asks Mind-Body-Green columnist Deborah Hanekamp.

“That feeling of “lack” is our spirit crying for acknowledgment.
Giving attention to our interior, spiritual world through self-care offers holistic acceptance and love to body, mind and spirit.”

Try these simple self-care practices and rituals to build up your confidence from the inside out.

1. Know your worth.

LIVE YOUR OWN AUTHENTICITY. ‘Fulfilling other’s projections of who your are can lead to undervaluing your true gifts, making it difficult to claim worth,” says Deb. 

A simple ritual for calling in self-worth is looking at your own eyes
in the mirror and affirming to yourself three times, out loud:

“I am worthy.”

i love you

2. Set boundaries.

Say “yes” when you mean yes, and “no” when you mean no.  Learn more here >

3. Write down your dreams.

No one can tell us where we should go or what we should do because they don’t possess our personal magic. One way we do receive powerful guidance is through our dream world. Learn more here >


4GGL thanks Mind Body Green for this story! 

DEBORAHDeborah Hanekamp is a medicine woman carrying over 15 years in the healing arts. Guided by the present moment, Deborah facilitates medicine readings, a personal ceremony for harmony and rapture in New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam,

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