I Am Strong

In his job as a personal trainer and wellness coach, Ron Alston encourages others to be positive and look for inspiration from others. But the most important person Alston coaches is not a client — it’s his 3-year-old daughter, Aliya.



“It’s very important for me to share these messages with her because there will be many people that try to tear her down and make her feel less than what she is,” said Alston of his morning pep talk with daughter, Aliya.

In this viral video, viewed by more than 14 million people, Alston stands with his daughter in front of a mirror, reciting a mantra of positive phrases and prayers which the Virginia dad hopes will give his daughter the same start in life that his own father gave him.

“The tradition actually began when I was younger,” Alston told TODAY Parents. “My dad did this with me in the mirror as well, which I believe has helped to make me more confident and positive.”

4GGL thanks Today Parents for this video


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