Empowering Girls. Period.

Huru International helps keep more girls in school. 

Millions of girls around the world miss school every month because of periods. Without access to sanitary supplies, they’re forced to use dangerous substitutes. They miss school every month. 

Girls who are forced to miss school have a higher risk of adult poverty and unemployment, sexual exploitation and HIV/AIDS.

In Swahili, Huru means freedom.

Huru kits give girls the freedom to stay in school. Starting in Kenya, Huru International provided thousands of at-risk girls with free kits that include reusable sanitary pads, life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention information, and information and resources essential to sexual and reproductive health.


Join Maggie Gutierrez who spent her summer working as a Huru intern in Huru’s New York office, and her fall semester studying abroad in Kenya in her PHOTO BLOG as she shares thoughts and images from  her time with the Huru team in Nairobi, Kenya.


4GGL thanks Girls’ Globe for bringing this story to our attention.

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Girls’ Globe is a network of passionate young women and organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls, and change the world.

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