How to be an Activist

How to be an Activist

To celebrate International Day of the Girl, 4GGL is featuring the Day of the Girl blog

How to be an Activist in High School by Jackie Logsted, Age 17

In this blog, Jackie outlines how YOU can get started today being a teen activist:

1) First off, Start Making Some Calls.

2) Start Talking to People.

3) Educate yourself.

4)  Be an ally.

5) Create.

6) Activism is for everybody.

“It can feel incredibly daunting to be an activist when you’re in high school, but by ignoring the things that you can’t do yet and taking advantage of the things you can do, we can make meaningful differences in the world, before we can legally vote.” – Jackie Logsted, 17


4GGL thanks Day of the Girl for this story! 

us day of the girl

Day of the Girl-US is an 100% youth-led movement fighting for gender justice and youth rights. Our work to dismantle patriarchy and fight for social justice is rooted in girl-led activism across the country, using October 11th as a day of national action. We are outraged by the neglect and devaluation of female-identifying youth. We are committed to examining these issues within an intersectional framework, the inclusion of girls’ voices in the movement for social justice, and grassroots activism – and thus we advocate, educate, and organize. Day of the Girl-US is the United States arm of the global Day of the Girl movement, beginning in 2011.

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