Global Sisterhood Day

Welcome, sister! We are so glad you’re here.

On March 21st, something that has never, ever been done before is happening.

On one single day, women across the globe will gather in living rooms and libraries, coffee shops and local parks, to envision a future for ourselves and the world that is only possible when women rise in support and celebration of one another.

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global sisterhood day
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Sisterhood is the supportive structure that holds all of life together.

When women come together to celebrate and support one another, shame and insecurity are brought into the light, and we work together for healthier communities and a better future.


March 21st marks the first annual Global Sisterhood Day, and Sister Circles will be happening all over the globe.  A Sister Circle is a 90-minute gathering of up to 10 women, to engage in meaningful conversation about our hearts, lives, and vision for the planet.

  • Because sisterhood is key to women’s freedom…
  • Because we need to come together like never before
    to deepen our connection, support and celebration of one another.
  • Because a woman going it alone can only go so far
    and when women worldwide lift one another up, the world is a better place for everyone.

“For nearly all of human history, we have lived together in community, supporting one another,” says GSD founder, Nisha Moodley. “No matter what we were going through – good times or sad – there would be other women there to support, celebrate, encourage and care for us. The big dream that came to me one early morning was a mission laid upon my heart. What would it take to get one million women to wake up to the power of sisterhood? What kind of positive ripple effect could we create in the world? I knew in my heart that I had to surrender to the vision.”

As we gather in sisterhood, we come home.
Together, we weave a tapestry of love.

Our grandmothers conspired for this moment.

quote_nisha moodley

We invite you to choose from one of the three options below:

1.  Looking for sisterhood? Join a Sister Circle! 
Find a group near you (or virtually) to gather in support and celebration.

2.  Ready to create more sisterhood? Host a Sister Circle!
Facilitate a Sister Circle for a group of up to 10 women.  

3.  Already feel rich in sisterhood?
Gather your Girlfriends! Organize a small gathering with the women in your life.  

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sisterhood day
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We’ll give you the tools:
Get the Sisterhood Manifesto

BONUS:  Join Our Thunderclap
Be part of a coordinated social media Global Sisterhood Day “flashmob” scheduled for March 11th: It only takes 5 seconds to sign up. Our goal is to reach over 1 million women – inviting them to celebrate the connections between women and the power of sisterhood. 


 4GGL thanks Nisha Moodley for bringing Us all together. 

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Global Sisterhood Day is an opportunity for us to collectively take a stand for a future that is only possible when we rise in connection, support and celebration of one another. To come together like never before to deepen our connection, support and celebration of our sisters around the world.


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