Global Girl Video

Global Girl Video

Finding their voice through technology.

Global Girl Media

Developing the voice and media literacy
of teenage girls and young women!

Teaching them to create and share digital journalism to:

  •  Improve scholastic achievement,
  • Ignite community activism, and
  • Spark social change!

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Through mentoring, training and access to a worldwide network of trans-media distribution partners, GlobalGirl Media harnesses the power of new digital media to empower young women to bring their often-overlooked perspectives onto the global media stage.

Changing the face of media by putting girls behind the camera and at the center of the story. 

By turning up the volume of girl’s voices globally, they promote freedom of expression and strengthen substantive journalism that addresses historically marginalized voices, while building self-esteem, leadership capacity, and 21st century skills.

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GGM believes training young, diverse women in digital media journalism
is important to developing strong, healthy communities.

Through our YouTube Channel and website  and GGMN.TV 

Our projects reach and connect young women all over the world!

We encourage them to become active citizens and participants in media through:

 social media, news bureaus, web portals, media feeds and other unique opportunities,
such as producing content at international gatherings and conventions!

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For youth, particularly young women, education, feelings of self-worth, and expression are all key to changing the entrenched stereotypes and values that hold them back, and keep them from succeeding in media and technology fields.

GGM programming intentionally works exclusively with girls to provide a safe, nurturing environment where they can:

 LEAD, SPEAK their minds, and LEARN how to close the gender/technology divide.

  • GGM hosts a website that leverages connected learning and new technologies to give girls a platform for creating a global community.
  • GGM partners with schools, after-school programs, NGO’s and community centers to select girls for training and help sustain their work.
  • GGM partners with journalists, filmmakers and new media mavericks to provide mentorship.
  • GGM has local and global impact!



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Founded in 2010, GlobalGirl Media is active in South Africa, Morocco, Kosovo, Chicago, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.






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