Global Changes

Who are these ladies? 

They are young leaders from Nepal, USA and Zambia
speaking up about what everyone can do to make a change
in their communities and lead for a successful outcome of the SDGs by 2030.



Meet 8 Young Global Leaders of Tomorrow Who Plan to Change the World

For the past four years, more than 60,000 people have gathered in New York City’s Central Park for an inspiring event known as the Global Citizen Festival, which takes place on September 24 this year.

It’s one part star-studded concert (this year, Rihanna and Metallica will perform) and one part public forum for activists and thought leaders from across the globe to unite with one common cause in mind: end world poverty.

There’s also a twist: Most of the tickets to the festival can’t be bought—you have to win them by performing socially-conscious acts.

Unless, that is, you’re one of 20 young leaders who have been nominated by Johnson & Johnson and the non-profit organizations they work with—humanitarian-focused organizations like Save the Children—to earn a seat at the festival, thanks to a lifetime of good works.

We caught up with eight of these inspiring global citizens to hear more about how they’re well on their way to becoming global leaders of tomorrow.


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