Imagining Gender Equality

Imagining Gender Equality

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As the UN prepares to create a new set of international development goals, The Global Fund for Women is hoping these voices and ideas will spark a global conversation about a new decade for women’s human rights.

Can you imagine it?  Go ahead:  Imagine . . . 

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SHARE your thoughts, ideas, and visions for the future with women and girls around the globe.

[/symple_column] Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women’s Human Rights is an online media project sharing women’s voices, art, and stories.

“In this space, women from around the world use art, film, photography, creative writing and more to reflect on what Equality means in their communities,” says Global Fund for Women CEO Musimbi Kanyoro.

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“For me, equality is choosing not to interpret difference as inferiority. Equality is about choosing love, instead of fear, and about actively seeking opportunities to counter injustice and prejudice.”

Musimbi Kanyoro
Global Fund for Women CEO

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Imagining Equality is a new online media project that explores perspectives on women’s human rights and hopes for the future.

There are stories on five different topics, including:







Women from around the world shared their work about what they think of when they Imagine Equality.  Leave comments on stories that inspire or intrigue you to start a conversation and help us spread the word about Imagining Equality.

BONUS:  See what OTHER people think “Equality Is…” here.


4GGL thanks Imagining Equality for sharing this story.

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Imagining Equality is an online media project exploring the art, voices, and stories of women from around the globe.

Sponsored by The International Museum of Women,
which is part of Global Fund for Women.

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