For Men, too!

For Men, too!

A Day to Celebrate the Feminine Essence in Us All

While International Women’s Day traditionally celebrates those who identify as ‘women,’ we are honoring March 8 by recognizing the power of the feminine essence that lies in all of us, no matter what gender we identify with.

“What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.” – Susan Sontag

While it is true that women have suffered terribly from a masculine dominated society, on a different level, men have too. They have had to bury their emotions and feminine essence, causing great pain to themselves and others. I believe it is now time to come together to heal and honor the feminine side of us all.


Men are no less masculine for expressing their emotions.

It is believed healthy and balanced masculine energy can be the source of a nurturing and reliable provider; a great parent, partner, and friend. However, when the masculine energy is imbalanced, when the feminine is ignored, we may have trouble connecting to our hearts or allowing those closest to us in.

When the feminine is embraced, something beautiful can emerge for both genders. Men and women are able to support each other emotionally and forge healthy and valued partnerships, both romantically and otherwise. 

“The original languages didn’t even have he and she. They didn’t have concepts of masculine and feminine. People were people. And the whole idea was that we were in a circle together, not in a hierarchy together.” – Gloria Steinem


What is inspiring is that a shift back to a balance between feminine and masculine energy seems to have already started in the young men of today, as expressed in a study led by the University of British Columbia. This research found millennial men in Canada are now starting to value traditionally feminine traits over traditional male ideals (for example, physical strength and autonomy).

The report revealed selflessness was the most valued trait for the men studied, aged 15-29. Helping other people, giving back to the community, and being open to new ideas, experiences and people, all ranked highly.

What these studies point to, is a change from a society of gender separateness to one of unity, where men and women are equal.

“There is a collective force rising up on the earth today, an energy of the reborn feminine… This is a time of monumental shift, from the male dominance of human consciousness back to a balanced relationship between masculine and feminine.” 

 Marianne Williamson

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Original article was written by Ashleigh Wilson on March 7th, 2019.  See full article here >

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