Dripping Lyrics

Dripping Lyrics

Dripping Lyrics of Queens by Xavier Hutchins

This exhibition is the second in a series by Xavier Hutchins that pays homage to contemporary hip hop musicians using lyrics alongside a portrait of the performer.

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this grouping highlights female artists who use their music platform to promote positivity. 

In the above compilation of Xavier’s work, you see images and quotes from:  

AaliyahErykah, Janelle, Lauryn, Maya, Nina, Riri, Sade, Syd, Willow 

Click on each title of the painting to learn more about the female artist. 

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Xavier Hutchins is a visual artist living in Savannah who studied Visual Arts at Savannah State University, where in 2011 he won the Artist of the Year award. Xavier currently works as a freelance artist and is involved in many local community art projects. 



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You can learn more about this great Savannah, Georgia coffee shop here > 

You can learn more about Xavier Hutchins’ artwork here >



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