Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We all do it. Judge ourselves. Judge others. It always feels crappy, and yet eerily automatic at times.

– It’s good in that it can show us what we want. Comparing can inspire us to believe in ourselves when we see others doing what we want.

– And it can also be a kick to our confidence that triggers self-doubt.

How can we reframe this habit that punches our self-esteem in the gut at times?
How can we come back to ourselves when we need
love and praise?

In this video, Elyse and Jimmy explore some easy ways to ditch judgement and #DoYou:


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4GGL thanks Elyse Hughes for sharing this story. 


Elyse Hughes is a writer, speaker, and holistic food blogger. She says: “I’m just a girl working through life’s challenges, just like you. I share my dirt so you don’t have to feel so alone in yours. I promise you cries, laughs and the single hope that we can love ourselves enough to keep changing for the better.”

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