Today is International Women’s Day and WIX had a global celebration.
From San Francisco to Kiev, Wix got together to take a moment and celebrate girl power!

Wix Girls

“We’re all in agreement that Wix is a pretty awesome place to work. We collaborate with one another every day to make sure our 100 million users can bring their passion to life through a stunning online presence. Did we mention the gentlemen we work with are pretty fabulous, too? To us, International Women’s Day represents a celebration of equality for everyone.” – WIX 


4GGL commends this company for honoring one of their primary women leaders, who passed last year:

“We want to take a moment to remember Vered Avrahami, our beloved Head of Community and PR who we lost last year. Vered was one heck of a woman; she motivated and inspired everyone who knew her. The importance of International Women’s Day and her personal connectivity to believing in equality for all is something we carry with us each day.”

wix women

Vered’s heels (often a fabulous pair of boots) could always be heard throughout the Wix Marketing house. To pay tribute, our t-shirts for Women’s Day are decorated with a pair of boots, along with the saying, “These boots were made for leading.”

“Vered taught us all to stand up for what we believe in, so our International
Women’s Day celebration and fight for equality is dedicated to her.”

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