Aware Girls

Aware Girls

This is a story of courage and bravery. 

This is a story of a girl who believed in her power. Founded in 2002 by seven young women, Aware Girls empowers young women and girls living in the NW tribal region of Pakistan.

They provide access to education and health resources, recreational activities, employment avenues, and other social services.

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mobilize other girls

In this video, you’ll meet a girl discriminated against who felt harassment was a barrier to her opportunities. She discussed it with her friends and realized they felt the same way. Selected for a Peace in Leadership program, she transformed from a shy participant to become a leader.


Today, she works to transform men’s attitudes and encourage girls to speak up against issues.


4GGL thanks Grassroots Girls Initiative Media Hub
 bringing this story to our attention.

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The Global Fund for Children has partnered with the Nike Foundation since 2006 as one of six organizations that form the foundation’s Grassroots Girls Initiative.

A Nike Foundation grant currently enables them to support approximately 20 grassroots partners working to equip adolescent girls with resources, tools, and options they need to create better lives for themselves, families, and communities.

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Global Fund for Children

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