April Is Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, teachers, librarians, and poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives. At 4GGL, we are sharing women and girl poets with you. Please watch the above video to hear Elsie’s poem about finding herself. 

I am Proud 

slow down

To celebrate, we are featuring several poems that really touch us at 4GGL: 

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Spoken-word poet Madiha Bhatti speaks out against de-humanizing lyrics.
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A powerful spoken word poem from a young Kenyan boxer named Faith.
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3 Girl Poets

Three fearless Get Lit teen girls perform “Somewhere In America.“[/symple_column]

BONUS: If you’re loving the verse, please check out this link from One

Uplifting verses from 11 strong female poets

maya angelou

 BONUS:  Hear Benigne’s ‘Story of Self” about her life as an engineering student in Kenya.


Please browse the National Poetry Month website for more poetry!

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You can sign up for Poet.org’s Poem-a-Day Newsletter to receive original, previously unpublished poems by our country’s most talented poets throughout the week and classic poems on the weekends.[/symple_column][symple_column size=”one-fourth” position=”last” fade_in=”false”]National Poetry Month[/symple_column][symple_spacing size=”10″]

Thanks to The Tech Awards for Elsie’s inspiring video. 

Each year, The Tech Museum of Innovation honors 10 laureates for touching all corners of the globe in their efforts to use technology to solve some of humanity’s most urgent problems. Gooru provides an online platform for educators worldwide to personalize and share instructional content customized to each student’s needs.[symple_column size=”one-fourth” position=”last” fade_in=”false”]
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