4GGL Online Magazine

4GGL Magazine is a free, monthly online e-zine showcasing positive stories of girls who are growing their power, leading a movement, and inspiring others to actively build peace and create change. 

Empowered girls are becoming leaders of a new generation.

Empowered girls and young women are: Creative. Inspiring. Inclusive. Resilient.
They know themselves. Speak their minds. Show their pride.
They are building their power from the inside out.
Being authentic. Breaking tradition. Altering mindsets.
They believe men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
It isn’t a question— it’s their Truth.
They are proud and worthy, with beautiful minds and bright futures.


4GGL has been promoting success stories and publishing original articles about girls and young women changemakers worldwide since 2014 – and are always open to partnering to help promote and share knowledge about how YOU are impacting the world today.  

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Questions about our 4GGL Magazine?

Contact our Editor: Jennifer Blue