About Us

4Girls GLocal Leadership (4GGL) is a 501c3 unique collaborative
energizing a social change movement for our world’s girls.

Our global mission is to transform the deep-seated mindset, the root cause of all girls’ suffering
– from seeing girls as human trash to 1 billion strong, our most powerful force for change.

Our local action is generating, electrifying and showing our world the power of girls
– the next generation of empowered women leaders who will transform our world.

4GGL is a 501c3 charity. We do not call ourselves a “non”- entity (i.e., non-profit, or non-government).

We are a for entity: for girls, for social change,
for cause, for impact, and for collaboration. 

Here’s how we take action:

To amplify our action, we seek leaders – highly talented, creative, self-aware individuals with gifts (skills, network, funds, resources). 

Currently, we are seeking leaders with the gift of:

  • Fundraising and Grant Writing
  • Graphic Design and Web Development 
  • Qualitative Research and Reporting 
  • Social Media and Movement Building

If you are a gifted leader, please complete
4GGL Who You Are and send to info@4ggl.org