4Girls: OTHERS

4Girls: OTHERS

Winter, 2016 ~ 

 Join Our Tribe and discover stories of young women coming together to create community, share, serve and support each other.

women circles

~ Jeanette LeBlanc 

4Girls is a free monthly online magazine from 4GGL.

We showcase positive stories of girls  and young women growing their power, inspiring others, and consciously creating community to  build peace and catalyze change.  Please check out all of our “OTHERS” stories about sisterhood, circles and compassion!  

4Girls celebrates compassionate and creative individuals who are leading a ‘GLocal movement’ (local action, global perspective) to inspire others to join them in building peace and transforming our world.


BONUS:  See our 4Girls’ story about the power of the Butterfly Effect:
The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small,
can change the course of the universe forever >

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