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Jin In

“The great moral failure of our time is
the mass violence that is killing our girls worldwide.
The impact is the greatest gender and power imbalance
of our planet — fueling violence, war and extremism.” 

Jin’s one goal is to debunk a great gender myth, awakening the world that the 66 million more males than females on our planet are having a devastating impact in our lives — and what we can do about it.

Jin In speaks around the world, including at MIT, Columbia and Georgetown Universities, global platforms, as well as 1-on-1 interviews. She also writes and blogs.  As 4Girls GLocal Leadership (4GGL) Founder, her mission is to shine a bright light on the dark root cause – a mindset that devalues and dehumanizes girls.

4GGL is a social change movement, revolutionizing this antiquated mindset into a powerful new paradigm that realizes empowered girls are a powerful force for change – a solution to poverty, global warming, authoritarianism and terrorism.

Jin knows the power of the mind. Diagnosed with a brain tumor that’s depleting her energy, she targets mind transformation and empowerment to restore power and heal our world’s girls and herself.

Jin with Girls

Jin’s expertise is women’s empowerment beyond gender equality. 
Seeking and finding no data on women’s empowerment, she is pioneering in research and data collection. Her focus group is a new generation – Millennials. 
Through 4GGL, Jin conducted the first-ever women’s empowerment surveys. In the groundbreaking Global Survey, voices from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe were gathered, assessing their agency and capacity. Then, the Syrian Survey assessed and revealed the superpowers of empowerment.

Now, to illuminate the inner power of today’s young women, Jin aims to collect this data in every country for transformative social change.

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Jin’s passion and mission are interconnected to Herstory.
Born into a wealthy family in South Korea, her wealth and worth ended abruptly when her father died, unexpectedly. 
Although she was just 7 months old, South Korea, then one of the poorest countries, had no rights or protection for girls. Fatherless baby girls had no value. 

However, Jin knows powerful transformation is possible. In her lifetime, her birth country arose from one of the poorest to the 11th largest world economy, leapfrogging North Korea which had larger GDP.  And Jin is a committed global citizen and girl champion. She attributes her empowerment journey to bold, wise women, starting with her mother who boldly emigrated across the globe to start a new life and her childhood mentor in Texas who taught her social justice action and community service. Jin learned that she – an 8-year-old immigrant from a poor country, raised by a widow – can change the world.

Jin has worked with both Democratic and Republican Administrations, UN Agencies and 100s of grassroots organizations.

In the Bush Administration, she created the first federal health program for-girls, by-girls, receiving the 2001-2004 White House Award. She then led newly created Global Action at Girl Scouts USA, a premier leadership organization for 2.3 million American Girls, working with 10 million girls in 145 countries. She also co-chaired girls’ rights to health at the first-and-only UN Commission on the Status of Women for girls.

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With a new vision for all girls and young women, Jin created 4GGL.
4GGL 1.0 focused on training of trainers of local organizations serving over 500,000 girls – the most in South Asia. 4GGL 2.0 is a 501c3 unique collaboration led by volunteer leaders taking action for girls, for social change and for a better world.

4GGL’s mission is to ignite the next generation

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Jin has studied girls’ and women’s health, medicine, and global affairs at Trinity University, UC Berkeley, NYU and abroad. As its youngest recipient, she received the Spirit of Trinity University Alumni Award for exceptional service to the global community. Jin is also recognized in the film ONE and the book Around the World in 50 Voices as a global thought leader and changemaker.

For speaking and media inquiries, please contact: Info@4GGL.org